Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Welcome to TWNH!!

Hi everyone, and welcome to "That Would Never Happen!"

With this blog, I'm going to be reviewing some popular movies which, in my opinion, take a sense of realism and throw it out the window.

In films today, there are so many ideas and plots that just do not make sense, or that I think no real person in their right mind would do.Granted, yes I know that some movies (based on their genre) are meant to be fanciful and out-of-this-world. But sometimes, I feel like even they go too far...

By looking at these select films, I hope to show a more humorous side of this extremely popular form of entertainment. Sometimes, I think it's good to laugh at yourself. And therefore, I think it's good to look at things from the lighter side of reality, even if what we are seeing isn't really 'reality' at all!

Stick around for my first review!

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