Thursday, 19 January 2012

"The Help" makes the best chocolate pie

Greetings everyone! For my first entry, I've chosen to write about a movie that I personally LOVED! It's got a phenomenal cast, and the story is provocative and yet comedic. I'm talking about "The Help", starring Emma Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard, Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer.

The Movie
The plot of the movie is that a young writer named Skeeter (Stone) returns home from university to her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, where she begins to pursue her dreams of being a serious writer. The movie takes place in the 1960s during a time when African Americans in the United States do not have the same rights as their white neighbors. As a result, many African American women take on jobs as maids in the homes of white families, raising their employers children, keeping the house clean, and cooking all the meals. Skeeter, looking for a scoop to write on, decides she's going to interview various black maids to find out "what it's really like to be a maid in Jackson, Mississippi." However, Hilly Holbrook (Howard), who is the most popular and influential girl in Jackson society, is trying to pass a sanitation law that further segregates blacks from whites, and this creates conflict between her and Skeeter.

The movie focuses on how African Americans were treated poorly before the Civil Rights Movement of 1964. The book that Skeeter and the maids write about being "the help" in Jackson is meant to be an idea that is so taboo and controversial that they fear potential imprisonment or ostracism from society. But, the movie is very touching, and is one that I would recommend watching with your family. It for sure does it's job in delivering a message about racial co-operation and coexistence.

What Doesn't Make Sense
At one point in the movie, Minny (Spencer) decides to get revenge on her spiteful former employer, Hilly Holbrook, by baking her a 'special' pie. Minny is referred to as the "best cook in Mississippi," so of course Hilly suspects nothing and eats the pie. However, what Minny failed to tell her beforehand was that this time, her infamous chocolate pie had an extra ingredient. In Minny's words, she tells Hilly to "Eat my shit!"

So, here's what I have a problem with. Eating human feces is obviously not very good for you. In fact, doing so actually causes someone to contract a lovely bacterial infection called E. Coli. This leads to all sorts of nasty symptoms, including vomiting and diarrhea, and occasionally, death. So, assuming that Hilly just ate two pieces of Minny's special 'chocolate' pie, it would be safe to assume that she would be pretty sick. But no, she's out and about walking around the next day like nothing happened.

Now I know that she probably ran off and threw up, but did you see how slow she was eating that pie?! I bet that was more than enough time for some of it to move on passed the stomach in her digestive system. I just find it unlikely that Hilly was perfectly healthy the next morning, as the movie shows.

Overall, the movie itself is fantastic. This small detail doesn't ruin the whole film, nor does it totally take away from the realism of the plot. Therefore, this movie indeed could happen, and therefore it gets the thumbs up from logic.

Until next time.

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