Thursday, 2 February 2012

"Jurassic Park" clearly spared one expense...

So, I realize that I am about to enter into the realm of fantasy/science fiction with this entry, but this flaw seems just too illogical to ignore. So, prepare yourself as I review "Jurassic Park"

The Movie
This movie is classic. I mean, look at the quality of the effects, and then consider the time that this film was made (1993). It is the meaning of the word groundbreaking.

But, for those who haven't seen the film, here's a summary. Basically, a rich genetics company aims to design an "ecological preserve" on an island in the Pacific. Here, dinosaurs (thanks to genetic engineering) have come back to life. The owner, John Hammond (Richard Attenbourough), invites Dr. Grant (Sam Neill) and and Dr. Sattler (Laura Dern), two well-known paleontologists to essentially take a trial-run of the park, and give the OK for it to open to the public. I won't spoil the film, but to sum it up, all hell breaks loose. Literally.

What Doesn't Make Sense
One of the taglines that Hammond has in this film is the phrase "We've spared no expense," meaning that they spent as much money as they needed to in order to bring these dinosaurs back to life, as well as design and build the park (which happens to be on a private island).

However, there was one thing they did spare expense on: door locks.

(Fast forward to 1:50)
Yup. A multi-billion dollar amusement park/ecological reserve didn't bother to install locks on their super-fancy electric cars. Doesn't make sense, right? I mean, I can't even get out of my car half the time because the door locks work so well!

Of course, the line that gets me is that right after this scene, alarm start going off inside the control room from where the whole park is operated from. One of the park staff exclaims "I've told you how many times that we need locking mechanisms on the vehicle doors!" This guy is probably the most logical person in the park! I mean, this park has electric fences that have a power of 10, 000 volts! You really would want people even having the option of getting out of the moving vehicles and getting near that fence? I didn't think so... talk about a liability! I mean, come on! Most amusement parks, even back in the early 90s, have so much security and electronic control that it's impossible to stray off the path without being stopped almost instantly.

Also, as an aside, I would also like to point out how absurd it is that of all the frogs they pick to fill the holes in the dinosaur DNA, they just happen to choose a frog that can switch gender whenever it pleases. This "mistake" causes the dinosaurs to be able to reproduce, which they weren't suppose to do (and thus providing a plot for the sequels). What bugs me is that this company was advanced enough to basically build a dinosaur from million year old DNA, and yet they weren't smart enough to check and see if they happened to picked this selective-hermaphrodite frog? Unlikely....

Regardless, I still love this movie.

Thanks to Sam C. for the suggestion!


  1. I get what your saying...But it hurts so much to bash this movie. This is my childhood! I hope we can all forgive Spielberg. If there were door locks, we would never have witnessed a lawyer-eating T-Rex.

    Thanks Alex keep it up!

  2. I agree with Kyle, such a good movie!! I can't wait to see what you do next Alex!

  3. Haven't seen this since it basically came out... guess I'm gonna have to go back and watch for all the inaccuracies!

  4. God creates dinosaurs, God kills dinosaurs, God creates man, man kills God, man brings back dinosaurs.” ― Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park.

    Chaos theory could totally happen, nature always will find a way :P